3asyR on EBU news report 2018

3asyR on EBU news report 2018

The 3asyR team is proud to announce that 3asyR appears in the new report published by EBU “EBU News Report 2018 – 50 ways to make it better”. Go to Case studies, then Challenges in the Society and then Focus on diversity and representation -> 3asyRThis new report, published on 12 November 2018, suggests 50 ways that the journalistic organisations can use in order to engage with their audience. “Be transparent about mistakes, create alliances, communicate your journalistic practices and values, and promote media literacy”; are just some of the practical and concrete recommendations the report gives. 3asyR is among these choices, as it can make their content accessible to everyone and promote their corporate social responsibility. You can have access to the document here: http://bit.ly/EBUNewsReport2018 .

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