3asyR wins the first price at the Start Tel Aviv Competition 2017

3asyR wins the first price at the Start Tel Aviv Competition 2017

We are happy to announce that 3asyR was the company that managed to get the first place at the Pitching event of the Start Tel Aviv Competition 2017 that took place at Impact Hub Athens this Wednesday.

3asyR impressed everyone at the event, as an innovative tool that helps people with dyslexia and other kinds of reading disability to have an easier and better online reading experience in their daily life.

The team of judges that participated at the event was formed by important people of the Israeli Embassy along with the cofounder of the Impact Hub Athens Dimitris Kokkinakis and other representatives of the Greek startup community.

Maria Tsiana (CEO of 3asyR) and Alexandros Binopoulos (Software Developer of 3asyR) along with the Israeli Ambassador, Irit Ben-Abba (left) and Nelly Leon, Economic Coordinator at the Embassy of Israel (right)

Regarding the competition, Start Tel Aviv is a global competition held by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the City of Tel Aviv, bringing together startups from 20 countries from around the world to compete in order to get the opportunity to take part in an intensive program to experience Tel Aviv’s startup ecosystem during the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival. This year, the global competition will focus on “Innovation for a Better Tomorrow” – showcasing tech startups serving communities, social challenges and urban innovation.

3asyR, along with the other 19 winners from different countries, will go to Tel Aviv in September (3-7) to be part of the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival in order to get and exchange useful knowledge with experts in the field.

Easily App
Meet the author / Easily App

Easily App is an interactive online tool that will help dyslexics read online by underlining and highlighting material in online texts.

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